10,000 White Women: Opt-In to Talk about Racism

53% of white women voted for President Trump. White women are scared sh*&less to be called out by a Black woman. They’ve been taught that talking about race is unseemly. So they never do. And yet, their silence is the breeding ground for racism. What would it look like if white women had open and raw conversations with women of color about race and whiteness to understand how we uphold a system that thrives on our separation? Two Blatina and white besties share a rare and honest dialogue comparing their divergent experiences with racism and white supremacy. Modeling courage, love, humor and humility, they unpack three societal “norms:” “freedom,” “beauty,” and “authenticity” and how differently they can be experienced in the reality of a white-centered culture.

Opt-in to reexamine our white-washed history, peel back the layers and self-analyze your racist conditioning, and to own your racism and do better as a white woman.

Aurora Archer
Kelly Croce Sorg
Event Details
  • Start Date
    October 17, 2019 6:00 pm
  • End Date
    October 17, 2019 6:50 pm
  • Venue
    • Venture Café / Q6
  • Address
    3675 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19104
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