Wrinkles in Time: The Aging Population and the Future of Medicare and Geriatric Medicine

People age 65 or older constitute the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, and chances are increasing that more and more of us will get to blow out 100 candles on a birthday cake. Policymakers, healthcare providers, and leaders in medical technology are looking to innovation to meet the needs of the growing aging population including preparing Medicare for future success and transforming the healthcare journey for patients, providers, and caregivers alike.

Dr. Heidi Syropoulos
Medical Director for Medicare Advantage Plans
Frank Ingari
President and Chief Operating Officer
Rohit Singh
PA Market Operations Director
Roy Rosin
Chief Innovation Officer
Mitch Vidovich
Director of Government Affairs
Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry, Surgery, and Epidemiology
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