Mastering the Millennial Mindset

The Millennial generation is now the largest segment of the workforce population. A “problem” for some senior managers, but a boon to most leading-edge organizations that are attracting and retaining the best and the brightest starts in the Millennial galaxy. Go on an odyssey of the Millennial mindset, take a look at an emerging business model and learn how tapping into the passion and power of the Millennial generation can influence your organization’s culture, performance and bottom line.

Are you a Millennial?
a) by birthdate
b) by mindset
c) both
d) neither (for the moment)?

What is your particular interest in mastering the Millennial mindset?
To tap into your own passion and power?
Do you have a team whom you want to tap into?

This will be a high quality, lively, interactive inquiry that will open up new ways of thinking about and gaining access into the Millennial mindset, not just a particular demographic or group of people.

We will also look at: what kind of innovative organizational cultures attracts and retains the best and the brightest of today’s largest workforce demographic

Molly Collet
Principal and senior consultant
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