The Power of Patient Information

Entrepreneurs Are Building Out Innovations with the Region’s Clinical Data Repository

What happens when you make information on the health and healthcare of 9 million people in the Delaware Valley region available (in a permitted way) to entrepreneurs and start-ups? Answer: New applications and solutions benefit patients, healthcare providers, and everyone. Health information exchange means sharing and pooling patient health data, so that your health team is always up to date and your records are available wherever you seek care. This exchange has evolved so quickly in the Greater Philadelphia area that the nonprofit HealthShare Exchange (HSX) –– charged with creating these services –– has now launched its new MarketStreet platform to jump start businesses and innovators past the legal and access obstacles that prevent them from taking advantage of, and contributing to, health and health-record data. Learn about HSX and the power of MarketStreet. See how this new data facilitator can drive your innovative ideas.

Marty Lupinetti
Rakesh Mathew
Chief Innovation Officer
Richard L. Snyder, M.D.
Executive Vice President, Facilitated Health Networks, and Chief Medical Officer
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