Kelly Croce Sorg

Growing up, Kelly’s dad pushes the boundaries of the impossible for a white kid from North Philly, moving from the training room to the boardroom of an NBA team while her mom plays the part of happy homemaker. Kelly grows up the picture of white privilege — private school, university, a job in PR, eventually mom-life’ing hard, attending yoga retreats around the world, living a 1%er white suburban life and thinking she’s “woke.” Is this living the quintessential white American life? Drinking too many gin and tonics, having shallow conversations, and designing furniture for ungrateful rich white people? Shockingly, she isn’t fulfilled… and asking herself, why are we white women so self-centered, self-destructive, disconnected, and unhappy?

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October 17, 2019
53% of white women voted for President Trump. White women are scared sh*&less to be called out by a Black woman. They’ve been taught that talking about race is unseemly. So they never do. And yet, their silence is the...