Molly Collet

Molly Collet is the principal and senior consultant for Cybeleum, LLC Consulting and one of the pioneers of a breakthrough approach delineating effective management from leadership and high performance in teams and organizations. For more than 10 years Collet has partnered with Fortune 1000 companies, working with top management and their teams to impact client’s strategic objectives, create organizational and cultural transformation, and catalyze executive team performance.

Collet’s work has been focused on developing leadership and distinguishing it from effective management for much of her career; she was a senior associate consultant for Diversified Search, one of the top-retained executive search firms in the country. During her time at Diversified Search, she played a key role in identifying and recruiting the top leadership for organizations such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Arizona State University Foundation, the Philadelphia Zoo, and the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

Before working for Diversified Search, Collet was a Partner and Consultant for SDI Communications, a leading-edge consulting firm employing new access to rapid development of leadership and high performance.

Collet has a multi-cultural ethnic background, growing up at the intersection of African and white American culture, and has a life-long commitment to disrupting the existing status quo that divides people. She is an LGBTQ+ advocate and ally committed to empowering diverse gender and ethnic expression in business and in the world.

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October 17, 2019
The Millennial generation is now the largest segment of the workforce population. A “problem” for some senior managers, but a boon to most leading-edge organizations that are attracting and retaining the best and the brightest starts in the Millennial galaxy....